Thursday, January 12, 2012

Me--a Blogger?

Have you ever devoted hours to something that you never thought you'd do?  I never thought I would blog.  Being the jump-to-an-immediate-opinion sort of person that I sometimes can be, I decided years ago that blogging was for self-centered people who felt that the world could not continue spinning around the sun unless they shared their perspectives on the IMPORTANT topic of the day.  Over the years, I have come to learn that I was wrong.  Oh, there are some bloggers who fit my original image, but I've read many others whose blogs are thoughtful and thought-provoking.  So, to twist a quote from the wonderful Irish song, "Johnny McEldoo," I stand "a-trite" and now am joining the ranks of bloggers.  Why?  In all honesty, for self-serving reasons.  I want to become a professional writer and recently discovered that most agents and publishers won't look at a writer's work if the writer doesn't have a blog.  I got this bit of information from something connected with The Writer's Digest -- top ten tips or an ad for a workshop. ( I get so many emails from The Writer's Digest that that's the best I can do to give credit for the idea.)  At any rate, am I a hypocrite for starting a blog just to get published?  I don't think so since I changed my opinion of blogs and bloggers long before reading about the blogging / publishing connection. So I decided to go for it.  Start the adventure of writing a blog.  Next came the question of what to blog about.  The decision: writing, specifically the journey from working on an idea to working on getting it published.  Since you have to draw from life in order to write, some scenes of   my life might show up in the blog from time to time too.  For example, this evening, my life was spent putting  hours into setting up the look of the blog.  I mean, I literally spent hours just choosing colors!  There were so many decisions to make before I wrote the first word of this blog.

Why do I call the blog "Fragments and Friends"?  I'll write about that tomorrow.  I hope that you will check back to see.  Please join me on this journey through writing and life.  C.F.

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